Netfix Going After Oscar

Netfix Going After Oscar

And why not? With two Emmy wins for their original program House of Cards and more predicted for the recent hit Orange Is the New Black, Netflix has been making history as the first non-TV network to win at the prestigious TV awards.

It now seems quite possible that the on-demand streamer could win the most prestigious of all entertainment prizes – an Academy Award – with its recent acquisition of “The Square.” The Arabic documentary about the Egyptian protest centered in Tahrir Square, is widely considered a leading contender for an Oscar nomination.

With Netflix winning awards, YouTube creating their own, and Amazon getting in the original content game, we’ve indeed entered a new ‘digital battlefield’ where entertainment channels are evolving quickly. As marketers and advertisers, it’s important to be aware of these changes, remaining nimble in the meantime and adapting when necessary. Otherwise, one risks an outcome similar to music industry’s stubborn resistance to the digitization of music. If history tells us anything, it’s to get ahead of technology – because it always triumphs.

Click through to read the New York Times article discussing Netflix’s golden future.

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