Will Snapchat last longer than an six second selfie?

Will Snapchat last longer than an six second selfie?

It was reported today that the disappearing photo-sharing service now sees 400 photo shares a day compared to Facebook’s 350. The news, confirmed by Snapchat, is timed rather conveniently – recent reports have company CEO Evan Spiegal rejecting Facebook’s rumored $3 billion acquisition offer, and perhaps this is his way of showing the world that his growing company made a smart move.

But is Snapchat’s photo sharing volume surprising? The ephemerial nature of the platform likely encourages a freedom among users in a way that permanent sharing never could. But more importantly, is this news indicative of future stamina and revenue? Do you believe Evan made the right move regarding Facebook’s offer? Is SnapChat really here to stay? Depends on their plans and ability to monitize…and whether the platform itself can remain more appealing than a disappearing photo of your coworker’s lunch.

Share your thoughts (or selfies) in the comments section or click through to read more.

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