#WinterStormBoreas and the Branding Of Winter Weather

#WinterStormBoreas and the Branding Winter Weather

You’ve likely heard of the winter storm that’s been blowing through the midwest and making it’s way to the northeast just in time to screw up everybody’s Thanksgiving travel plans. But as a recent New Yorker article points out, how you’ve been referring to said storm depends on where you get your weather news.

While hurricanes and typhoons have received official names for over 100 years (in order to differentiate between them), it’s only been the past year or so that The Weather Channel has taken it upon themselves to name winter storms. Many outside meteorologists think The Weather Channel are a bunch of blowhards (sorry, had to). They see this branding of storms as a cynical play for the channel to brand themselves. The Weather Channel says they simply want to bring the effectiveness of storm names to winter weather. One wonders what Boreas – the Greek god of wind, pictured above – would say about the whole thing.

Click through for the story.

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