A post Cyber-Black-Thanksgivukkah Round Up

A post Cyber-Black-Thanksgivukkah Round Up

This Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Black Friday/Cyber Monday saw a lot of interesting digital news and behavioral shifts, so let’s dig in (pun very much intended).

Thanksgiving was a record photo-sharing day for Instagram, which many are attributing to the holiday coinciding with the first night of Hanukkah.

Tablets were the big winner on Black Friday – specifically Apple’s new iPad Air.

But Cyber Monday blew Black Friday out of the water with record sales. And mobile ruled, with smartphones and tablets driving nearly a third of traffic (and then some, for many retailers).

Obviously none of this comes as much of a shock, but how do we translate it into learnings for retailers? Our initial thoughts:
1. Use hashtags where possible for special offers and deals
2. Make sure to tailor said offers to Black Friday and Cyber Monday so both days feel uniquely exciting for shoppers
3. Your website’s GOTTA be mobile optimized

P.S. Click the image for a bonus preview of Christmas advertising. ‘Tis the season!

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