Instagram Direct and converging social media

Instagram Direct and converging social media

Today Instagram announced it’s new Instagram Direct feature, which enables users to send photos and videos directly to people who follow them (think Twitter’s DM feature). As the company even admits, this is not an earth-shattering feature but it got us thinking…

It used to be, back in the good old days, that each social platforms served a different purpose. New platforms were developed to meet specific needs. Now it feels like, with every new development and announcement, our favorite social platforms are starting to converge.

Facebook changed its NewsFeed to feel more real time, to feel more like Twitter. Twitter added the video-sharing Vine feature (though, to their credit, it’s got a great twist). And this latest announcement adding photo-messaging to Instagram feels like it’s going after SnapChat.

Begs the question – in the near future, will every social app be all things? And if so, how how does one even begin to stand out from the crowd?

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