BREAKING: Beyonce destroys internet

BREAKING: Beyonce destroys internet

At about midnight last night (this morning?) Beyonce decided to break the internet by unexpectedly releasing her latest self-titled “visual album” exclusively on iTunes – to fanfare of epic proportions.

Now, we’re by no means a celebrity blog, but we felt that the surprise online release – without any of the usual industry rigmarole of singles, press tours and manufactured hype – spoke to a shift in entertainment branding and may even have future implications on marketing as a whole. (Certainly it says a lot about the once contentious relationship between technology and the music business.)

Fans and consumers have come to want – maybe even expect – a stronger, more personal form of communication from artists and brands alike. If a brand or celebrity (which, let’s face it, IS a brand) has enough equity, it makes sense to speak to consumers in this way, with personal-feeling product and news releases.

In any case, we’re sure Mrs.Carter made Pepsi very happy. Click through for more.

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