Let’s Talk About Snap, Baby

Let's Talk About Snap, Baby

After SnapChat CEO wunderkind Evan Spiegel turned down Facebook’s purchase offer of $3 Billion…wait, billion?! That can’t be right. No yeah, it says it right here, billion. Huh.

Anyway, since then people have been scratching their heads at how SnapChat deigned to turn down such an offer and how they’ll be able to actually monitize the very popular platform (don’t pretend you don’t send pictures of Whiskers with the caption “SnapCat”).

Indeed brands are coming, though not in droves, and there are many concerns – that it’s generally hard to do well and, more importantly, that the complete lack of metrics is enough to make any marketer quake in his/her sensible suit. But the platform is HOT with a rapidly growing user base and a high-engagement-per-snap experience. Brands like Taco Bell, HBO, and NPR are paving the way but a full blown ad program is yet to be seen. Not that Spiegel hasn’t been hinting at it lately – rumors of a monitization plan abound, including in-app purchases followed by native advertising programs (with potential for better analytic tools).

Click through to learn more. Jury is out on what Whiskers thinks…

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