Let’s Talk About the Most Important Part of the Golden Globes…

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.35.39 AM

No, not who wore who and who won what. And not who was the most, ahem, “over served” (seriously, was everyone just extra toasted this year?!). And no, we’re not even going to talk about why America’s girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence decided to wear a comforter last night (enough people on Twitter and Insta are doing that for us). We are, of course, talking about the hits and misses of Golden Globes commercials.

First things first – that Muppets spot! This is the one most people are talking about. In true Muppets form, this spot is bitingly funny while remaining upbeat and nice-spirited (that’s a phrase, right?). We love how they combine common Twitter comments and the overused critics quote trope to satire perfection.

Next up, Bing is super still trying to happen! But this girl (woman!) has no gripes about it. Great commercial featuring #heroicwomen. Cannot complain.

We were just talking about Applebee’s pretty sweet social media game and looks like we are going to continue. The restaurant used the Globes (see how I shortened it there? I’m so industry…) to debut their new Vine contest #BeeFamous (I see what you did there). The contest asks fans to post reactions to their 500 calorie and under menu. Not insanely innovative of a concept but sometimes simple is best, especially considering Vine isn’t saturated with brands yet (it will be).

For the winter Olympics, P&G made a sequel to their famous moms spot from 2 years ago – it’s been on the internet for a bit now but airing during the Globes got them more attention. At first you think, eh, how can they recapture the magic of that famous spot? But upon viewing, I’d say they do a great job of continuing the campaign based on a strong human insight.

Finally, there was Apple’s iPad Air spot featuring an excerpt of Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society talking about poetry and quoting Walt Whitman. A little meta. Very good. I personally loved recognizing the voice-over and where it was from – seemed aimed at Millennials who grew up worshipping that film (and then later grew to worship Apple).

So what did you think of the advertising? Did I miss something? Why don’t you *hustle* on over to the comments section to let us know (Get it? Because of that movie. You get it.)

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