An Ode to Doge

An Ode to Doge

We’re a bit obsessed with the Doge meme at the moment and feel that it might be on the brink of mainstream meme-dom (and thus potential marketing darling). But let’s back up, shall we?

In case you were unaware, an internet meme is a creative concept that spreads quickly from person to person via email, social media, blogs, forums (like Reddit), image boards (like imgur), and video sites (like YouTube). Internet memes are usually altered by each person as they spread, like a deliberate game of telephone. Think the Harlem Shake meme of 2012. Or Grumpy Cat.

Our favorite meme with legs (pun intended) is Doge. From Gawker, “[Doge] consists of a picture of an adorable shiba inu dog photoshopped onto a scene, then surrounded by a cloud of multi-colored words and phrases. The words are supposed to be the dog’s internal monologue, and the dog is astonished, it seems, by the very fact that it is having an internal monologue. (Dogs aren’t supposed to have monologues, see.) The text consists of short, ungrammatical exclamations of surprise about the situation the dog is in and of which it finds itself suddenly, unnaturally aware.” So, basically, inexplicably hilarious.

It’s a little over a year old but, as sometimes happens with memes, began to pick up exponentially within the past couple months. It’s gotten to the point where you don’t even need the picture – people now comment on articles, Reddit, etc. in this style.

Click through for more examples and explanation. Stayed tuned for the inevitable Wonderful Pistachios nonsensical use of the meme (remember that Gangnam Style spot?).

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