Lucas is Weird

Lucas is Weird

Venmo is a pretty awesome app that allows you to pay someone as quickly and easily as one sends a text. When my wallet was stolen, it was the only way I could live a normal human life until my cards were replaced. Go to brunch, have someone cover you and then touch a button to pay them back instantly. The app is universally loved by all who are aware of it by word-of-mouth.

Therefore, it is sad to be discussing Venmo’s pretty whack attempt at advertising. It features an actual Venmo engineer named Lucas accompanied with odd headlines:

“Lucas takes the stairs.”

“Lucas has dreams.”

Lucas is weird, y’all. Or, rather, these ads are. And lot of people have taken to Twitter to complain about them. Then again, they certainly have people talking, don’t they? Do people truly believe that no publicity is bad? What do you think? WHAT DOES LUCAS THINK?!

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