Jim Beam Leans Into Its Heritage While Adding a Modern ‘Face’ To The Brand

It was announced today that Mila Kunis would be the new “face” of Jim Beam. We’re used to “faces” of fashion labels but it’s semi-rare for an A-lister like Mila to rep a liqour brand, especially a down-home brand like Jim Beam. But if you think this move is the brand’s effort to completely modernize and hip-ify (it’s a word, trust me) its image, think again. The first video shows a casual and curious Mila as she tours the rustic and historic distillery with Jim Beam’s great-grandson himself, Fred Noe. Mila’s wide-eyed yet game attitude complements Fred’s authentic Kentucky cadence perfectly. They don’t try to make Jim Beam fancier than it is and they don’t try to make Mila an expert either – allowing both the brand and the interaction a natural authenticity. Normally brand/celeb pairings seem disingenuous and sort of tacked on – this feels like an unexpectedly fun fit. Cheers to that.

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