Firefox To Feature Native Advertising Within Browser

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.52.31 AM

We know it’s hard to concentrate today since the sky is falling and we’re quickly descending into a post-apocalyptic snowmageddon nightmare…but we must soldier on.

Mozilla Firefox, everyone’s second favorite web browser, recently announced their “Voices” feature, which puts sponsored content within its Web browser in a format it calls Directory Tiles. Firefox (which sounds like the name of our leader in the impending snowy dystopia) is usually viewed as a bit anti-marketing due to its “Do Not Track” policy – meaning it is against cookie-based tracking. But the company says its not against advertising, it simply ensures that all its offerings provide value to the user – Voices included. We imagine it would look like the picture above (though we used Chrome’s browser tiles as a model).

So do you think this is a clever way to monitize without offending users? Do you think this move provides real value to advertisers? Will we all survive Winter Storm Pax?! Only time will tell.

Click through for more on this and other new features from Mozilla.

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