Flipboard to buy Zite from CNN

Flipboard to buy Zite from CNN

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “What are all those things?” and also “Why do I care?” God, so needy. Fine, I’ll tell you.

“What is Flipboard?”: A magazine style app that aggregates stories via social platforms. Facebook’s Paper app, which we’ve written about here, seems to be modeled after it.

“Ok. But what is Zite?”: A pretty similar app!

“Right. So uh, what is CNN?”: Seriously? What are you, some Millennial who only gets their news via Jon Stewart or, well, Flipboard?! Alright, we’ll humor you. The television news channel bought Zite 3 years ago but, as is often the case with older media companies, wasn’t really capable of integrating new media into their company. Just not their forte! So they’re selling it. But luckily for the news organization with the snappiest James Earl Jones voice-over, this new $60M deal still involves CNN as a content-partner.

“But WHY do I care?”: Monitization implications, people! With this deal, Flipboard & CNN will be selling premium print-style ads in the virtual magazine space, in addition to the norm of sponsored articles and content.

More questions?! Gah! Click through then.