Cloak: The Anti-Social Social Network

Cloak: The Anti-Social Social Network

Whether it’s checking in on Foursquare or Facebook locations, using Find My Friends, or simply *being* on Tinder, geo-location has become a huge part of our social media and app experiences. But new app Cloak wants to use that exact technology in a counter-intuitive way. Cloak syncs with many of the apps mentioned above so you can see the places to avoid if, say, you look terrible and just want to buy some toilet paper in your sweatpants in peace. You can even tag specific contacts to receive special warnings when certain people are close (so you never bump into your ex again).

Jury’s out on how unique these features are, as you can already choose to use social check-ins as a means of finding OR avoiding your contacts. This seems more like an aggregate with a very clever premise. But hey, lots of apps have found success going on much less.

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