CEO Elon Musk Loves This Fake Tesla Ad

CEO Elon Musk Loves This Fake Tesla Ad

When two ad school students made this Tesla spec ad, I imagine the best they hoped for was a good portfolio add. I’m certain they didn’t think Tesla CEO and increasingly public figure Elon Musk would endorse it via tweet, and possibly even offer them a job.

Most of the time companies ignore spec ads with some of them taking legal action if an offensive ad circulates enough. But Musk is not your conventional marketer/CEO, and he is known to highlight consumer passion for Tesla in ways that likely make his lawyers squeemish.

Personal anecdote, I had a friend who was a small time investor in Tesla and a big time admirer of Musk. He would often write intelligent think pieces on Tesla and tweet them out to the CEO who would tweet back with words of praise. This exchange eventually led to a job offer at Tesla. My friend took it.

Point is, Musk seems like a strategic, passionate, savvy, and risk-taking CEO. And though Tesla is currently facing a few potential set-backs in its national roll out (, Musk seems like a pretty good person to have in the driver seat.

Click through for the student spot.