Hinge Is Better Than Tinder (The New York Times Said So)

Hinge Is Better Than Tinder (The New York Times Said So)

Yesterday’s Sunday edition of the New York Times featured an article about *it* dating app, Hinge, which uses Facebook connect to match users with friends of friends for a much lower creep-factor than the average dating app experience.

In fact, the app’s success seems to be hinged (sorry) on the ways it is not like geo-locating app Tinder, or, to that effect, many other ‘hook up’ based apps (see also: Ok Cupid). As such, it’s led to quite a few more relationships than 3am “hey baby”s. And unlike said apps, unless Hinge drastically changes its user experience, it’s current platform is pretty resistant to creep saturation unless, well, you’re friends with a lot of creeps. That being said, I remember the days when Facebook was just for college students.

We’ll see how this app fairs once it begins searching for a monitization plan – will it ‘match’ you with fake people to promote new sitcoms the way Tinder does? Will it sell the whole thing to the highest bidder? Will it finally fix it’s buggy interface (someone had to say it)? Only time will tell but until then, it’s fun to swipe left and right when you are 80% sure these matches aren’t full on wackos.

Click through for the article which, by the way, has some pretty sharp interviewees…