Amazon Launches Gary Busey TV (Whoops, I Mean, Fire TV)

I only wish it was Gary Busey TV. I would watch that. All. The. Time.

Anyway, this is Amazon’s first entrance into the rapidly growing smart TV device world in direct competition with Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. And although the $99 price point puts it at the higher end of competitors, Amazon is promising a better experience born out of all their learnings from years of selling other devices. That’s right, Amazon is spinning their late entrance into the category to their advantage (#ballsy).

They claim these valuable years of indirect education has culminated in a better product with better technology, user experience, hardware, and offerings. I imagine they’re hoping this will also translate into better promotion and viewership of their original programming, something they haven’t quite nailed the way Netflix has. BTW, Netflix is one of the many ‘channels’ you can stream on your Fire TV.

Gary Busey did not respond when reached for comment.

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