SnapChatChat / FourSquare Divided By 2

SnapChatChat / FourSquare Divided By 2

This week brought us a slew of mobile app headlines, so you’ll have to excuse my double pun.

First, SnapChat debuted their new messaging service that is hoping to beat the rest (here’s looking at you, WhatsApp) by taking the most IRL approach to text messaging and content sharing. Seems like a natural transition – I always thought it was odd that I could chat with my Words With Friends opponents and not the person I just sent a disappearing #selfie to. And I already find it a lot easier to use than Facebook’s clunky and buggy new messaging app. But I’m a SnapChat apologist so, take that for what you will.

Meanwhile, at FourSquare, the geolocation app just announced they will be splitting in two. Both apps seem to take parts of the original and turn it on its head – the new Swarm app will be about finding your friends (much like the, well, Find My Friends app) utilizing check-ins. The newly rewritten Foursquare app – launching in a month – scraps check-ins and focuses on “discovery,” i.e. a yelp rival to rival all rivals. Click through to read a pretty great profile of the company and their recent business move. After you read it though, maybe put the phone down and head outside?

Have a great weekend, y’all.