Facebook Flubs SnapChat Clone Release (Again)

Facebook Flubs SnapChat Clone Release (Again)

First they tried to buy SnapChat. Then they made Poke (it’s ok, no one else rememebers either). Now Facebook accidentally revealed their third attempt at joining the disappearing-message game by releasing Slingshot to the app store before intended.

It appears that Slingshot is pretty much exactly like SnapChat except for a little twist – users must unlock “slings” (i.e. “snaps”) by first sending their own. Which eliminates “lurkers” from the app – thus eliminating a lot of people. How many Snaps do you look at versus how many you create? It’s not usually a 1 to 1 ratio.

Which begs the question – If a SnapChat/SlingShot is sent from the woods but no one can open it, does it make a sound? Probably depends on your settings…

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