I run #LikeAGirl

And I’m damn proud of it. Always wants you to be proud too. Watch the inspiring (but not treacly!) video launching Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign, which seeks to transition the phrase from insult to rallying cry.

Why is this great? Look, we all loved the award winning Dove Beauty Sketches. But there is something a bit problematic in the focus of Dove’s campaigns as a whole – they tend to focus too much on the idea of all women being beautiful, when what is often most daunting to women is the systemic attitude that we all MUST be beautiful or we’re worth nothing. That’s why #LikeAGirl feels more empowering to me – it focuses on strength and effectiveness, not on what we look like in the mirror (or a sketch book).

Considering feminine hygiene products allow for ease of movement and activity in otherwise restrictive times AND that Always has been supporting global puberty education for over 30 years, this also feels pretty ownable. Go Always.