Snapchat Introduces Snapcash

If you have Snapchat, you likely received a shortened version of the above video from Team Snapchat yesterday, introducing their new Venmo-like (Venmo-identical?) feature that allows users to send cash to each other electronically over the app. It seems the app valued at $10 billion is looking to put their valuation where their mouth is and people are paying attention (it was a top trend on Twitter yesterday).

Snapchat isn’t the first app to make a “do the exact same thing as someone else but better” attempt so no judgement there, but does this feel like a natural next step for Snapchat? Adding a functional and transactional feature to perhaps the most fluffy and ephemeral app on your iPhone? Jury’s out, but perhaps CEO Evan Spiegel & co. are predicting that the same people who trust them with nude selfies may also feel safe enough to trust them with money. But with the recent Snapchat security breaches, let’s just hope it’s only the selfies that disappear.

On a final and purely creative note – this video could’ve been better. A bit too long and not quite weird enough to be irreverently funny. But maybe I’ve been watching too much Too Many Cooks…

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