The Rise of AdBlock Plus

Yeah. There’s a lot of annoying advertising on the internet.

A lot.

It’s currently like the old wild wild west. But instead of strange critters and bandits we have endless stretches of annoying, flickering, insulting, devious, underhanded marketing tactics.

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People HATE this.

Which is why many users are turning to AdBlock Plus: a browser plug-in that literally turns off 98% of any and all marketing.


Here’s an interesting article that argues, essentially, that we’re bringing this behavior on ourselves:


…if your site, or your apps, are saturated with pop-up windows, screaming videos impossible to mute or skip, you are encouraging the adoption of AdBlock Plus — and once it’s installed on a browser, do not expect any turning  back.

Look. People simply don’t like to be annoyed. They don’t want autoplay videos that assault them when they open a page. They don’t want to be “tricked” into marketing.

They do want cats playing the piano. The want crazy car demos. They want good stories, and things that otherwise make them go “Hmmm!”

Look. I may be crazy, but in my humble opinion the answer is pretty simple:

  1. Don’t make crappy, annoying content.
  2. Make relevant, enjoyable content


But you can read the article for yourself, here, and make up your own mind.