Why Facebook’s New Pricing Could Boost Ad Spending and Creativity

facebook-pricing-hed-2015Facebook revealed Wednesday that it cleaned up its cost-per-click pricing model, much to the delight of marketers who were tired of paying for ads after viewers merely tapped the “like” or “share” buttons. Indeed, advertisers, if they choose, can now select buying options so they will only be charged for promos when clicks include website visits, the “Shop Now” button, mobile app installs and video views.

Keywee CEO Yaniv Makover and other industry players believe the move will be a boon to Facebook’s ad sales as well as the attention paid to creative for the site’s promos, particularly when it comes to branding-minded marketers.

Makover predicted the spending increases “will be significant” among packaged-goods companies and automotive brands. If he and his peers are proven correct, the social media giant’s investors will be thrilled since its ad sales growth rate was starting to slow during the first quarter.

Full article here.

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