5 Words to Describe Ineffective Mobile Marketers via Adweek

ineffective-mobile-marketers-hed-2015Google’s Jason Spero refers to consumer actions on mobile devices as signals, rich with information that tells marketers a great deal—if they are on the lookout for them.”I have more marketers that I’m convincing to be curious about those signals than marketers who are overusing those signals to the point of abuse [like invading privacy],” Spero, Google vp of performance media, told me in an exclusive interview for my new book,The Art of Mobile Persuasion.

“My problem isn’t that marketers are afraid to use those signals because they over-respect them or think the consumers don’t want it. My bigger problem is marketers that still don’t know how to action the most basic capabilities in mobile. We have all the signals we need to deliver a great UX [user experience]. But we’ve got a heck of a lot of work to do to get there.”

In other words, short-sighted marketers are being inattentive when it comes to mobile.

There are four additional words to slap on ineffective mobile marketers. Read full article here.

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