Is Google+ Finally Cooked for Good?

google-plus-cooked-hed-2015_0Google yesterday admitted it was wrong to require Google+ account holders to use the company’s other digital products, marking a significant policy departure for its struggling social media hub that was hailed as a “Facebook killer” in 2011. The Mountain View, Calif.-based player will not force products onto Google+ users and will move some features into other Google services.

The development calls into question whether Google+ is on its last legs, particularly with marketers. So, when we asked a few agency execs to weigh in, we expected eulogies of sorts, more than anything. But instead, we got answers that were quite nuanced.

“Google+ as we know it is dead, but there will be pieces of it, once spun off, that we will use in the future,” predicted Matt Rednor, CEO at Decoded Advertising. “Hangouts, for example, is a much better video-communication platform than [the iPhone’s] FaceTime and could be a successful tool with much greater reach if rolled out as a separate product.”

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