What Facebook ‘Reactions’ Will Mean for Savvy Marketers

635799915536229104-Google-ChromeScreenSnapz121Happy? Sad? Excited? Angry? Facebook is opening the door for people to express their emotional reactions with just one tap on their mobile device. The aptly named “Reactions” feature was announced just days ago by Facebook, for the primary purpose of making it easy for users to express an empathetic response to a post, aside from the “like” button. Six new emoji faces will be labeled “love,” “haha,” “yay,” “wow,” “sad” and “angry.”

For brands, this feature unlocks a massive opportunity to not only understand what consumers are feeling, but why they are feeling it. According to Forrester Research, emotional experience accounts for almost half of customer loyalty to a brand, while cognitive loyalty accounts for only about a third. “Emotion was the No. 1 factor in customer loyalty across 17 of the 18 industries that we studied,” said Forrester analyst Megan Burns.

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