The Anatomy of an Awesome Instagram Ad [INFOGRAPHIC]

When Instagram advertising became open to everyone in September it was an invitation for brands to repurpose their content for the popular photo-sharing app, which now boasts as many as 400 million active users per month. How should brands capitalize on this? The perfect Instagram ad may be different from the perfect Instagram post.

This infographic from Bannerwatch names the necessary elements of a successful Instagram ad. It encourages brands to look through the goggles of designers and advertisers. Below you can find key questions to ask before you post, and some no-no’s to stay away from.

  • Ask yourself: What’s your visual story? Use images that show beautiful, unexpected moments.
  • Add a call-to-action button to tell people what to do when they see your ad.
  • No poor images or poor copy of course, but more importantly: Don’t mismatch content and copy. Don’t be irrelevant.BannersnackInstagramAdInfographic