Infographic: Why Moms Love Mobile Marketing

If you want to reach the all-important mom demographic, you’ve got to play right into their smartphone-holding hands.

As the Babycenter “2015 U.S. Mobile Mom Report” indicates, two out of three moms use mobile “across the entire purchase funnel”—from initial research to final decision. Moms use mobile devices to shop from home, but they also use mobile as an essential shopping tool at brick-and-mortar stores—70 percent of moms consult mobile during in-store shopping to compare prices, read reviews, and search for coupons.

What makes mobile so attractive for moms? For starters, it goes everywhere they go, letting them stay connected to what’s going on no matter what pressures and responsibilities crowd their plates. And the report suggests that this surge in mobile usage is only going to increase as busy moms take advantage of helpful resources like retailer apps and mobile coupons.mobilemomsrevised-new

Check out Adweek‘s infographic below to learn more about how and why moms are relying so much on mobile marketing.