Infographic: 6 Types of Shoppers and the Brands They’ll Pay More For

As more shoppers shift their attention to mobile, retailers need to understand the different types of shoppers and how they use technology to make their purchases. A new study breaks consumers down into six “shopperstates” based on buying habits and technological tendencies. After surveying 14,000 U.S. consumers they are broken up into the following categories: bargain hunters, knowledge seekers, practical players, store reassurers, brand desirers and mobile warriors.

The bargain hunter, for example, is predominately female (62.8 percent). Within this category, consumers with an income greater than $75,000 tend to do their shopping online. Those with an income under $35,000 look for their deals in stores, but are 63 percent more likely to do online research prior to purchasing. Twenty percent will compare prices in stores using their smartphone.

The study also points out which brands shoppers in each segment would spend more on. Shoppers hunting for a bargain will pay more when purchasing products by Crayola, Kleenex and Kraft Foods. Those in the mobile warrior group would pay more for items from Whole Foods, Apple and Under Armour. bavlab-shopper-graphic.png