heroyou ever tried to talk to a millennial like, you know, a millennial? FOMO, yasss, on fleek? Well, don’t. Millennials—and the rest of us—are embarrassed for you.

Odyssey, a social content platform that discovers and shares a rich diversity of millennial voices from hundreds of local communities, surveyed their network of millennials to gain more insight into how their audience does and doesn’t want brands to communicate with them. The findings from more than 1,200 respondents nationwide show that while millennials follow an average of 30 brands across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there’s a host of words that, when used by brands to communicate with them, are a big eye roll.

At the end of the day, respondents say it’s all about an authentic relationship, and word choice is really, really important. To keep your brand’s vocabulary in check, here are seven words marketers should never say to that most coveted of demographics:

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