What Marketers Should Know About Snapchat’s Update

videochat20160329Snapchat announced a significant update to its chat function, a move that could give other messaging apps increased competition.

Snapchat, which says it has more than 100 million daily active users and more than 8 billion video views every day, is calling its update Chat 2.0 and gives users a much broader way to communicate with other Snapchat users. Among the updates are more than 200 stickers (a very popular feature in messaging apps); video and audio notes, which lets you send videos up to 10 seconds long; or just an audio one if you can’t type but want to communicate; and audio and video calls, which can now be made even if the friend you’re trying to reach isn’t in the chat at that time.

Users can also now send multiple photos at a time in a chat and edit them with Snapchat’s filters.

One of the most alluring aspects to the update is that users can change how they’re communicating while they’re still in a chat. For instance, users can swap between video or audio calls, photos and stickers, as well as audio and video notes.

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