Study: Influencer Marketing Is 11 Times More Effective Than Banner Ads

adweek_brandshare_miguel_camachoWe all know influencers can have an impact on product marketing, but are we really getting a clear, measurable picture of how they actually sway sales in the store aisles?

That was the challenge behind a first-of-its-kind sales effect study focusing entirely on influencer and content marketing released today by TapInfluence, Nielsen Catalina Solutions and WhiteWave Foods, the parent company of brands like Silk, Horizon and Earthbound Farms.

“We’ve been running influencer marketing campaigns for six years and have found it to be one of the most effective ways to reach consumers,” said Lori Ulanoff, digital center of excellence manager for WhiteWave. “This study proved that our influencer marketing impacted sales.”

“Research groups have released ROI studies on influencer marketing in the past, but they mostly relied on metrics such as views or engagement,” says Rustin Banks, TapInfluence’s chief product officer. “This is the first study to tie in-store sales lift to influencer marketing. The $285 incremental sales per 1000 impressions from influencer marketing combined with a continually decreasing CPM, resulted in 11 times the ROI over average display ads annually.”

Read full article here.

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