6 Tips for Marketers Who Want to Connect in a Meaningful Way With Millennials

voice-porro-01-2016.pngWhile e brand experiences have grown in scope, scale, sophistication and effectiveness in recent years, there are a host of new issues and challenges marketers must understand and manage to take these experiences to the next level and to make them meaningful to—you guessed it—millennials.

Consumers, particularly influential millennials, have a constantly changing set of habits, interests and concerns. Brands need to be quick on their feet and work hard to entice, entertain and captivate consumers to provide highly engaged and unforgettable experiences they crave and want to share with peers. For millennials and their younger brothers and sisters in Gen Z, if they can’t create or take part in the content, comment on it and share all on their terms, well, it’s not content.

Here’s a shortlist of the most important things marketers need to know right now as they confront the future of brand experiences. Get the list HERE.

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