Twitter Announces Exemptions to 140 Character Limit, Simplifies Response

As flagged recently by Bloomberg, Twitter is about to unload a whole range of changes that could have significant bearing on how people use the platform. Will they be enough to re-awaken the micro-blog giant and get more people to tweet? That’s impossible to say, but the changes are definitely interesting, and they continue the platform’s ongoing efforts to push new innovations without compromising their core functionality.

Here’s what Twitter’s announced, all of which to be rolled out “in the coming months”:


The first change relates to how you converse via tweet. When you’re replying to several people at once, it can sometimes be difficult to contextualize exactly what you’re intending to say to within the few characters you have left once you’ve included their @handles.

Twitter Announces Exemptions to 140 Character Limit, Simplifies Response | Social Media Today

To improve the conversation flow, Twitter’s removing @names from the 140 character count on replies.

Now, my first thought was “oh here we go, Spam City”, thinking that people will now be able to include a billion @handles in their spam tweets and not have them count towards the character limit. But that’s not how it works, as Twitter explains here:

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