Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm to Reduce the Reach of Clickbait

Let’s be honest, no one clickbait headlines. They’re annoying, even when they’re done well, because you know that if you actually do click through, you’re going to be disappointed with the results.

I get this sometimes when I see the Zergnet links at the bottom of an article on Film.

slash film

Yes I want to know why the Hodor twist meant more than we realized, but at the same time, I know that if I do click on that link, it’s going to be some vaguely written, underwhelming post, providing little, if any, actual insight.

Facebook, too, knows this pain and the annoyance it causes everyday users. It’s a scourge Facebook’s been battling for years – in fact, the first iteration of their News Feed algorithm (implemented back in 2013) was specifically built to uncover ‘high quality content’, because the network was being overrun with cat pictures and clickbait headlines. Since then, Facebook’s been continuously working on ways to reduce the reach of clickbait, as it’s an issue that’s been reported time and time again as a problem on the network.

And now, they’ve found a new way to crack down on these misleading posts.

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