3 Things Brands Should Know About Gen Z—and They’re Not All About Snapchat

smartphone-genz-hed-2016.pngMarketing has a new buzzword: Gen Z. Younger than millennials, the next generation is more reliant on digital than its predecessor, forcing brands to get more creative in their marketing.

A quartet of marketers from Gatorade, GE, AwesomenessTV and NBCUniversal spoke about what’s driving the shift Wednesday at Advertising Week.

Here are three things brands need to know if they want to be prepared for Gen Z:

They know what sponsored content is, and they’re cool with it
As with most millennials, Gen Z knows that sponsored content is an ad disguised as a video series—but that’s OK, said Brian Robbins, founder and CEO of AwesomenessTV.

For example, the multichannel’s most popular series, Royal Crush, is about two teens who meet and fall in love on a cruise ship. The series is sponsored by Royal Caribbean and has run for four seasons.

AwesomenessTV worked with Nielsen to compare the digital series creative to that of TV and found that the digital version being 30 percent more efficient.

“If Royal Caribbean didn’t want to make the show anymore, I would still have to make the show because our audience loves it so much,” Robbins said. “Our audience knows that it’s a little bit of a commercial, but they don’t care.”

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