An Inside Look at Snapchat’s New Advertising API Technology


Snapchat has turned on the gears of its ad technology platform, unleashing a new way to buy and even test ads.

Snapchat has fired up its ads API — application programming interface — allowing third-party partners to plug into the app and deliver ads for brands and agencies. It’s Snapchat’s first foray into what’s known as programmatic advertising, the automated buying and selling of ads.

The Snapchat ad platform has been under construction for months, and was unveiled in June, but until now key details of its inner workings were unknown. Would there be A/B testing with real-time data feedback on performance? How deep could targeting go?

Well, Snapchat has enabled ad testing — known as A/B testing — so that brands can experiment with different creative concepts at the same time, and then adjust their buys according to which does better.

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