From Snapchat Scrutiny to the Power of Earned Media, Here Are 7 Digital Stats From This Week

snapchat-cash-02-hed-2016Adweek searched the online marketing landscape for data points that grabbed our attention, as we always do at the end of the week. Seven, in particular, stood out this week:

1. Canary in the Snapmine?
Snap Inc., the owner of Snapchat, on Thursday revealed via its IPO S-1 filing that it’s seeking $14 to $16 per share, valuing the company at $22.2 billion. There might be trouble afoot, though, for the app that millennials so enjoy.

On Feb. 6, Fluent conducted an online survey of 3,327 adult Snapchat users in the U.S., and as TechRepublic pointed out, many of the ad-tech player’s clients buy ads on the app. In other words, one would assume that Fluent doesn’t have an anti-Snapchat bias.

That said, 48 percent of respondents said Snapchat is “just a fad,” Fluent found, while 62 percent stated they’d be open to moving to another app that’s “something better.” Further, the study concluded that 63 percent of 18- to 24-year-old consumers are on Snapchat, but that figure falls to 40 percent for the 25-34 demo.

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