Snapchat’s 42 Million NFL Viewers Were Big Part in IPO Path

310696875_13201732Snapchat has revealed how big its NFL audience is for the first time since solidifying its extensive partnership with the league, which drew 42 million unique U.S. viewers last season, according to the company.

The messaging and media app shared the numbers ahead of its public offering on Thursday, offering a glimpse into one of its key media relationships, which brings content and ad revenue to the platform. Snapchat went public with close to 160 million daily users and $400 million in ad sales in 2016, and it was valued at almost $30 billion once its stock started trading — that’s more than double what Twitter is worth on Wall Street.

“With Snapchat, we saw this company that was growing quickly and it was reaching this growing audience of young people,” said Blake Stuchin, NFL’s director of digital media business development. “And it’s a very engaged audience of young people and a different form factor than you see in other places.”

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