Social Media Image Sizes: The Complete 2017 Cheat Sheet

Social media is constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest features can feel like a full-time job. To simplify your social media efforts and reduce your time spent on social, we’ve rounded up the complete 2017 cheat sheet for social media image sizes.

Based on these specifications, you’ll be able to design and schedule posts across your favorite social media channels with full confidence that the quality and dimensions are a perfect fit.


More than likely, your small business has a Facebook for Business page. With over 1.23 billion daily users, creating a Facebook presence is a no-brainer for micro businesses. Make your mark with a well-designed page, and posts that include URLs and clear, quality images. Your small business presence on Facebook should be conversational, informative, and friendly as its users look to it as the place to connect with friends and family.

Here’s the rundown of preferred image sizes for Facebook.


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