TV, VR and AR: The Future Frontiers of Social Media

While we often get caught up in the ‘now’ of digital marketing, it’s worth also considering the future, and where you should be paying attention to in the years to come. And while virtual reality is the answer most would revert to when thinking about the future of social, what’s equally important is how we’ll get there, and what, practically, the evolution to these next stages of social communication will mean for you and your business.

Looking at the latest apps and developments, the future of social is currently moving most clearly towards two distinct fronts – taking over television as we know it, and into augmented reality. Virtual reality is the extension of AR, and it’ll take a while to get there, but while AR and VR are very different, the development of the two is closely linked, and will likely evolve in line.

Here’s an overview of the next frontiers of social, what they’ll mean for your business, and what you can do now to prepare.

Televised Revolution

Last year, live-streaming became the thing in social. While live-streaming, as a practice, has been around for some time, the development of mobile live-streaming – kick-started by the now defunct Meerkat – created a new wave which quickly grew to incorporate several platforms and offer various new choices.

But while live-streaming was the impetus, it’s certainly not the end goal. Definitely, the capacity to connect with people in real-time, via video, is an evolutionary step, but what the development of live-streaming really highlighted, more than anything else, is that social networks now have the capacity to do something they’d never considered: to take on traditional TV as they dominant media platform.

Some would argue that social is already the dominant media player, digital content has disrupted newspapers, magazines and radio to a significant degree, with social playing a big part. But TV remains the big one, the key platform for generating reach and engagement – our homes are literally constructed around the television as the prime communal entertainment source.

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