Snapchat Releases New Report on the Popularity of the App Among Sports Fans

As part of Snapchat’s effort to boost advertiser interest, they’ve been commissioning research reports to better highlight the potential of the app’s audience. They recently published a report on Snapchat’s unique audience – users who are more commonly active on Snapchat than they are on other platforms. Their latest report looks at another subset of Snapchat users – those interested in sports and sport-related content.

Snapchat may not be the first platform that comes to mind when you think of sports coverage on social, but the data, which incorporates combined insights from Snapchat and Nielsen, presents a few interesting considerations worth keeping in mind for those trying to connect with sports devotees.

First off, according to Snapchat, Snap users are more likely to be sports fans.

“Whether it’s professional basketball, football, baseball, soccer, or hockey, Snapchatters generally watch, attend, and stream sports games more than people who don’t use the app. In fact, Snapchatters are 25% more likely to rank “sports” as a category that’s important to them than non-Snapchatters would.”

Snapchat Releases New Report on the Popularity of the App Among Sports Fans | Social Media Today
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