6 Digital Stats of the Week That Grabbed Our Attention

digital-stats-blue-content-2017-840x460Along with the holiday season’s cookies and gifts, the past week has also been packed with digital marketing stats.

Here are six data-based stories that stood out to us.

1. Live views

Sorry, Dick Clark, but smartphones have taken over how people celebrate New Year’s Eve and they aren’t necessarily watching the ball drop in New York’s Times Square.

According to Facebook, more than 10 million people used Facebook Live on New Year’s Eve, up 47 percent from 2016. In terms of top cities, people in Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla., apparently were the biggest streamers.

While not apples to apples, consider that Facebook delivered ten times the number of viewers as CNN. The network’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen raked in 1.7 million total viewers in prime time.

Click here to read more about Facebook’s findings.


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