How the Instagram Algorithm Works


In order for a brand or business to succeed on any social networking platform, it’s important to understand the algorithm that determines which content is shown, to whom, and when. For example, once you know how the Instagram algorithm works, you will be in a much better position to optimize your own Instagram activity to get views and comments. The good news for brands everywhere is that Instagram recently took reporters behind the curtain, showing them exactly how the algorithm works, and why.

Factor #1: Interest

This one is a no-brainer, if you think about it. The goal of Instagram is to show you content that you are likely to interact with, comment on, or follow. What’s interesting here is that Instagram uses a form of machine learning to figure all this out. It will analyze your past behavior on Instagram to figure out what you are likely to like in the future. And, it will also use machine learning to analyze the content of the photos you like. So, if you spend a lot of time commenting on photos of cats, then get ready to see a whole lot more cats.

Read the rest of the factors here. 

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