8 Instagram Trends to Watch in 2019

Activity-indicator-32018 is rapidly ending, and it’s time to look forward. Staying ahead of the trends will keep your business competitive and encourage greater engagement from your intended audience.

Like any list of projected trends, this is just an estimation. No one can see into the future and discern what the most successful Instagram marketing campaign will be. However, based on the rapid growth rate of Instagram with more than a billion active users and trends that have worked in the past, experts have made a few likely predictions. Real Instagram followers are probably looking for the following trends as we roll into the new year.

1. Buying Direct on Instagram

“Got an e-commerce store? If so, you need to be using Instagram’s Shopping feature,” says expert marketer Neil Patel. “Like, right now. It improves product discovery on the app by condensing and making information available in one place.”

He explains that when customers see a product they want to purchase on Instagram, they’re more likely to finish the transaction rather than abandoning the cart. People are naturally impulsive when it comes to making purchases, and the more hoops they have to jump through, the more time they have to change their minds.

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