New Listing Shows Just How Much Celebrities are Being Paid Per Sponsored Instagram Post

We’ve all heard about the ‘Insta-rich’, those influencers who’ve become huge based on their Instagram presence alone, and now travel the world posting pretty pictures in order to get paid by sponsors who are willing to shell out to gain exposure to their large, established audiences.

Whether you like it or not, ‘influencer’ is an actual job title in 2019, and it can be a lucrative, and beneficial, business – but how much, exactly, are these people really getting paid?

Are those mega-celebrities really getting a million dollars per Instagram post? Really?

This new report from the team at Hopper sought to find out – in order to provide more context in the growing influencer marketing space, Hopper conducted research on exactly what it would cost to get a sponsored post on the feeds of a range of well-known Insta users.

And the results are, in some cases, a little staggering:

Instagram influencer charges
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