New Study Examines How Brand Engagement on Social Influences Purchase Behavior

A recent survey by The Manifest sought to glean more insight how social media users from across the U.S. interact with brands on social platforms, and how those interactions subsequently influence their buying decisions.

The findings can help businesses understand how their social media interactions with consumers can boost brand awareness, build trust, and convert followers into loyal customers.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key highlights from the report.

1. Use Social Media to Connect with Consumers and Other Businesses

According to the survey report, the traditional communication barriers between people and brands no longer exist because of the internet, and social media offers an increasingly convenient avenue for getting in touch with businesses.

Because of this, some 74% of people now follow brands on social media – and 96% of those who do follow brands also interact with them on social platforms.

Read full article HERE.
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