Pinterest Releases New Data on Rising Search Trends Amid COVID-19

As we work our way through the next stage of lockdowns and impacts due to COVID-19, Pinterest has this week shared some new insights into key search trends on its platform, which focus on wellness, positivity – and even, surprisingly, ‘starting a new business’.

It seems that the lockdowns have forced many to re-assess what they want in life, and how they can improve their mindset and focus – as per Pinterest:

“Many people know Pinterest as a place for recipes, home décor ideas and DIY. However, with COVID-19 creating new life stressors, more people than ever before are turning to Pinterest for wellbeing and self-care. In fact, Pinterest has recently seen the highest searches ever around mental wellness ideas including meditation (+44%), gratitude (+60%) and positivity (+42%) that jumped from February to May.”

Pinterest search trends

Read full article HERE.

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