The Best Times to Post on Social Media (According to 20 Studies) [Infographic]

There’s always an inherent risk to ‘best times to post’ reports – with the most critical being that generic best times don’t relate to your specific audience and their habits. The only true way to know what times are best for you to post is to study your own analytics, test different post times, then study again, till you find what works.

But that said, there is still value in using generic best times as a guide, particularly as a means to narrow your test pool. This is particularly relevant when starting out – if you start with the generic best times, you may be closer to finding your optimum posting time in the beginning, which can help deliver better results faster, while you’re testing.

The team at CoSchedule also recognize that finding the mythical ‘best’ time for all can be challenging – so rather than coming up with a single survey report, they’ve actually collated the results of 20 ‘best times’ guides in order to formulate a more comprehensive, inclusive report on best posting times.

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8 Digital Stats From Last Week That Brand Marketers Need to Know

ice-cream-stats-CONTENT-2017-840x460We are now well into August and staring the busy fall sales season right in the eye, so digital marketers need to catch up on current trends. With that in mind, here are 8 stats from last week that grabbed our attention.

1. AI drives sales
Artificial intelligence represents a chance for startups to make an impact and cash in like never before. It’s especially interesting to see sister duo Caroline Stern Klatt and Dana Stern Gibber, who co-founded Headliner Labs, a two-year-old chatbots company that has landed clients like Women’s Wear Daily, BoxyCharm, La Sun, Jemma Wynne and Donni Charm. Donni Charm just reported that they saw a 63 percent increase in sales from their Headliner-powered chatbot, which helps consumers discover new products, deals and style guides.

“Across the board, Headliner’s clients are seeing a 40 percent engagement rate, with customers spending an average of six minutes per bot session,” Klatt claimed. “Most importantly, the bots are driving sales—we’ve seen an average of 13 percent increase in digital sales (across clients).”

See the rest of the stats here. 

Over 93% of Celebrity Influencers are Violating FTC Guidelines [Infographic]

As influencers and celebrities post, filter, and hashtag their way to fame and fortune, brands are working with them to reach and communicate with consumers. Influencer marketing on Instagram alone is now a massive $1 billion industry.

In April 2017, the FTC sent notices to over 90 celebrities, brands, and influencers reminding them of the regulations. Celebrities and influencers on Instagram have been known to neglect proper disclosures on paid posts, and we wanted to know the extent of the problem. Over the course of one month, we assessed the top 50 celebrities on Instagram to find that just 7% may be in compliance with the FTC’s guidelines and regulations.

Like the rest of the advertising industry, celebrity social media endorsements and influencer marketing are monitored by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the government agency charged with consumer protection against unfair or deceptive business practices. Previously, the FTC had filed several notable complaints against large companies like Lord & Taylor for failure to require disclosures on sponsored content on social media.

See the full breakdown of the state of FTC compliance among Instagram’s top 50 celebrities below.

Celebrity-Social-Media-Endorsements-FTC-Violations-Instagram2 (1)

Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Social platforms are always switching things up on you – just when you think you’ve got your strategy all set, they release an update that throws everything out of whack, and has you scrambling to catch up.

This is particularly evident in their optimal image dimensions. Facebook’s Page dimensions are always changing, Twitter releases an update and you have to re-format all your content. And you can’t just ignore it – increasingly, social platforms are your digital first impression, where people are first coming into contact with your business. You need to make sure you’re presentation is up to speed, and that you’re maximizing your opportunities through your visual assets.

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The Psychology Behind Word-of-Mouth Marketing

wom(1)Customer advocacy is nothing new – friends and family have been sharing brands that they find useful, unique or just plain interesting for years, and social media has only supercharged that. What has changed in recent years is the technology to facilitate this sharing via referral marketing, and actually measure its success as a marketing channel.

At first glance then, referral marketing should be easy, right? Actually, when you look closer there are many aspects that can make or break a referral program, and the key to really getting it to work for a brand is understanding the psychology behind what makes a customer share a brand.

Here’s an overview of some of the key drivers of referral – or ‘word-of-mouth’, marketing, and how you can use them to advantage–follow link to article.