Internet Ad Revenues Break Records, Climb to More Than $12 Billion for First Half of ’10

FH 2010 FH 2009 Search 47% ($5,747) 47% ($5,148) Display Related: 36% ($4,356) 34% ($3,759) -Banner Ads 23% ($2,744) 22% ($2,394) -Rich Media 6% ($743) 7% ($704) -Digital Video 5% ($627) 4% ($477) -Sponsorship 2% ($242) 2% ($184) Classifieds 10% ($1,262) 10% ($1,116) Referrals/Lead Generation 5% ($642) 7% ($728) E-mail 1% ($120) 1% ($149) Imagine […]

Facebook Enhances Mobile Presence

  With a mobile audience reaching 200 million users worldwide, Facebook unveiled several new initiatives to capitalize on its fast-growing presence beyond the desktop. The company launched new features for its mobile platform allowing users to log into third-party applications with a single sign-on, see friends’ check-ins across location-based services, and find deals from nearby […]

Facebook Brand Pages Are Driving Purchase Intent

A new six-country survey from DDB reveals that Facebook users who like a brand’s page on the social networking site use its products regularly or occasionally and, after following the brand on Facebook, more than a third of the respondents “want to buy this brand’s product more.”

3-D Movies Are Here!

  More 3-D cinema ads are just around the corner. Nearly 14,000 movie theaters operated by the three largest chains are set to install digital projection systems from Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, a joint venture of AMC Entertainment, Cinemark Holdings and Regal Entertainment Group. The three chains formed DCIP to deploy digital projection systems at […]